Entrepreneurship Boot Camp Plan

Entrepreneurship Boot Camp Plan


Prepared by:
Malaysia-U.S Chamber of Commerce


Entrepreneurship Boot Camp Plan | Executive Summary

Although Malaysia doesn’t have a start-up economy yet, the desire for entrepreneurship and innovation are there, along with a growing number of public policies to support them– a good recipe to put the economy on the entrepreneurial path.
Malaysia’s relatively high entrepreneurialism is reflected in its entrepreneurship and innovation rank by the Legatum Prosperity Index: 28th out of 104 economies. Similarly, the World Bank ranks the country 23rd out of 183 economies in the ease of doing business.

While Malaysia’s entrepreneurial success stories are explained by its citizens’ entrepreneurial spirit and determination, the flourishing of young businesses is facilitated by a government that is always looking for ways to advance entrepreneurship through new policies. Perhaps the greatest example of the importance the public sector places on entrepreneurship is the creation of a ‘New Economic Model’ (NEM) for Malaysia where the Prime Minister has made entrepreneurship the key driver of the economy for the next 10 years with special emphasis on innovation and the entrepreneurial drive of its citizens.

The entrepreneurship boot camp hosted by Education Malaysia, organized by Malaysia-U.S Chamber of Commerce and supported by the state of Virginia, is designed to encourage aspiring technology entrepreneurs to launch and grow a successful business through a) provided funding b) mentorship and c) networking opportunities. The goal of this camp is to generate further interest in entrepreneurship amongst Malaysian students.

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