Up your game, invent!

Up your game, invent!

Almost all new ideas are based upon and improve upon older ideas. The evening news is always providing reports on new technology in healthcare, space travel , even cell phone or satellite industry. BUT new ideas are not unique or limited to complex, high-tech areas. They are also present in sporting events and can improve the quality of the game.

Take, for example, American football.  Obviously, new technology in television and video provide an aspect that is ancillary to the game itself.  Video games, and fantasy football games all incorporate new technology and actually create a new facet to the game.  In the game itself, new inventions can improve the quality of the game, create better entertainment products, and provide for a safer work environment for the players.

American football is an ideal spectator sport, having rules that make the game readily enjoyed by spectators at the game, fans who watch on their televisions, computers or other video devices, or just listening on their radio.

Improvements in audio and video technology are motivated by the entertainment value provided by listening and viewing the game.  So since “necessity is the mother of invention,” there are always new ideas that improve the symbiotic relationship between television and the game.  For example, US20130242262 describes wearable glasses (optic device) by a football spectator. Networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and the Internet are connected to the spectator. The spectator can see who has the ball and its course during a play. Who has the ball as well as the ball’s location is highlighted. Video information can be overlayed from scores of other games. Information about the location of the football during the game (line of scrimmage, first down line) can be provided. Video highlights of the game could be provided, all through specially designed glasses.

Within the boundaries of the game itself, new ideas are being proposed that improve the safety of the players and create a more entertaining game. US20150013052 describes a shoulder pad for use in a contact sport, such as football.  Compared to conventional shoulder pads, the invention provides a greater amount of mobility and reduces an impact force throughout the pad assembly. In addition, the fastening assembly is easily installed on the shoulder pad thereby reducing both material and assembly costs. A novel thermoplastic composite material provides for a stronger and lighter pad assembly providing additional protection while reducing the strain on the user. Furthermore, due to the integrated construction of the interior pad assembly, the shoulder pad is more comfortable for the participant to wear while playing the contact sport.

Another improvement to the game is described in 20150011343 where a newly designed American style football is described having an inflatable bladder, at least one cover panel surrounding the bladder, a lacing coupled to the at least one cover panel, a flap and an electronic circuit. The flap is coupled to the outer surface of the bladder and is generally positioned to align with the lacing. The electronic circuit is positioned on or beneath the flap. The electronic circuit includes at least one sensor and the electronic circuit is configured to produce a signal to enable at least one characteristic of the football to be monitored during use. This characteristic could be movement of the ball, rotation or temperature.  With the current media attention regarding “Deflate-Gate” and the Patriots, the senor could be designed to continually assess air pressure.

US 20140362244 describes a helmet camera system having a portable video device securely mounted within a conventional sports helmet and designed to be flush with the front of the helmet to provide viewers  with the same perspective of the opposing team as the player.

US 20120058841 is a football tee with multiple ball supporting modes.  Adjusted settings on the tee position the ball for the user to either kick the ball in the traditional manner, onside kick, or squib kick the ball.

These are only a sampling of the improvements that could be a game changer.

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